Building UEFI for the Galileo


It would seem to me that finding the correct and most up to date components for building UEFI firmware for the Intel Gelileo (1 or 2) would be much easier if all of the code was at (actually sourgeforge / github, but close enough).

Unfortunately, the folks who created the QuarkBSP have either decided to not do that or the legal at Intel has not approved.

Either way, I am keeping notes here for the most straight forward and future-proof method of obtaining the needed components as well as procedures for actually building an EDKII based UEFI firmware for the Galileo Boards.

First, Intel seems to have the most official document here:

This is Intel Doc 329687, as of April 2015, it seems to be at revision 329687-008US
(Hopefully, this link is future proof. If not, just go to and search for “329687”)

This guide has a section called “downloading the software”, which points here:

Download the “Board Support Packages for Intel Quark”, you’ll have to agree to honor the Open Source Licenses. Don’t be a jerk, OK? Again, In April, 2015, teh link looks like this:


Inside the tar.gz, you’ll hopefully see Quark_EDKII_v<x.x.x.x>.tar.gz. Right now, it is “Quark_EDKII_v1.1.0.tar.gz”

This is what you need to build the UEFI firmware for the Galileo.