Since the late 20th century, I have been a person interested in making my own content available on the Internet for the masses to see and read. In the late 1990’s, this was a rather useless idea since very few people knew how to use a computer or knew of the Internet.I started my Online venture at my best friends house across the street, learning about HTML and Napster and not much else. When we weren’t trying to beat Streets of Rage or Golden Axe on my Sega Genesis. (I’m pretty sure they were on the same cartridge.)
I had a variety of websites hosted by Angelfire and GeoCities – usually related to the new Star Wars movies – but my sites and the hosts themselves have long since disappeared from the web. Local copies may still exist on the HDD from my old Intel 486 machine running Windows 98(?), but I doubt it.This (and much more) leads up to 2014, when I finally tired of posting my thoughts, ideas and other random crap to that one popular social media site. I decided to buy a domain name. Me being me – huge nerd that has been using Linux at home for 10 years, wanted the domain to be something nerdy, but memorable – and easy to pronounce. I tried for a few hours with Post-It notes to come up with ideas and I finally settled on t486.net, which has a multitude of meanings:

  • t
    • my first initial, I needed at least one letter because most domain registrars won’t register a name starting with a number.
  • 486
    • The CPU in the first computer that I could truly call my own.Coincidentally, this is also the month and year I was born.
  • .net
    • .com is boring, everything else is hard to remember.I also like the idea of having an loosely connected network scattered across the Internet. t486.net may be part of the “glue” holding that together in the future.

This leaves me with determining what will be posted here. Ultimately, I’ll postpone the decision making until I decide to post something, which will hopefully be soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

I expect that it will be a huge mixture of my interests, ranging from anything Biblical, musical (listening or mixing, not playing), Star Wars, Linux, UEFI stuff, the so-called Internet of Things (I plan to make a connected sprinkler controller). I’ll do my best to categorize everything so my friends from Church don’t have to read about the Linux guys contemplating a switch away from using the 0xCF9 I/O register to reboot s system, which, quite frankly, I’m surprised they still do.

Additionally, if anyone decides to read anything technical I write, they can continue avoiding Jesus.


Oh, one more thing. If I’m not mixing the topics above in any given post, please don’t do that for me to start a fight. If I don’t like it, I will slap you back to 1999.

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